Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Come and See Why A Level Geography is STILL Going Places at Formby High School

Formby High School Sixth Form Centre @ 7-9pm         26th November

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Year 11 'Shifting Shores' Homework Task
For Mr McGuinness' & Mr Gallagher's Classes

Answer the following questions below. You can access the URL for the document on the Blog post below this post.

The National Trust ‘Shifting Shores’ Document, Autumn 2015
Questions to Consider:
1)   What was the outcome of the 2005 ‘Shifting Shores’ report?
2)  How does the outcome of the ‘Shifting Shores’ report link to the idea of being sustainable at the coast?
3)  What is the actual risk to properties and businesses in England if the coast is not protected?
4)  Summarise the ‘Shifting Shores’ policies for protecting the coast.
5)  What has the ‘Coastal Change Management Areas’ act enforced to help vulnerable coastal communities?
6)  What are the threats of not protecting the Sefton Coast and what is being done to reduce these threats?

7)  What do you think should be done to protect our coastline at Formby?
Formby Point is the National Trust's Fastest Eroding Coastal Site in the UK

Never mind Holderness, the Sefton Coast at Formby Point has been listed as a site of accelerated coastal erosion.  Formby is the fastest eroding property in the Trust’s care. It’s predicted to lose 400 metres in the next century – changing this much-loved stretch of Sefton coastline forever. The Trust cares for just one stretch of the historic coast, and we cannot work alone. The challenge here is to work not only with nature but equally with our partners, so that we can skilfully adapt to rapid changes in the long-term and on a landscape scale.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Geography at Formby High School: There's no place I'd rather be...

Our Department shone brightly again at what was the busiest Open Evening at Formby High in recent memory.  Our visitors enjoyed the exploding volcanoes, guessing the rock type, vibrant displays and 3D cube Earths!  Here are some pictures of our display stands. 

Year 9 Geographers Mapping Out Success in Cwm Idwal

For what has now turned into a Formby High School Geography Department annual field trip, our 160 Year 9 students completed some glacial landscapes exploration in the epic Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia.  Students completed a 5 km walk around the rock lip and famous Llyn Idwal corrie, looking for evidence of the last Pleistocene ice age.  Students enjoyed the day and really liked the adventurous feel to the activities in the striking upland environment of Snowdonia.  Well done Year 9!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Year 11 Visit The Lake District

Our Year 11 students had only just received their new timetables for the new term and were whisked away to The Lake District on the second day of the new school year.  Students completed a rural tourism study; comparing the settlements of Bowness-on-Windermere and Hawkshead.  At each location they had to complete a number of surveys to compare which settlement had the highest number of tourist attractions.  As always, our students were a credit to Formby High School and many members of the public commented on the maturity of our determined geographers.  Well done, Year 11!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

We already knew! HOWEVER, it is confirmed that Geography is the must-have-A-Level!

A star is born. Geography, for so long a Cinderella subject, the easy option for students who found physics or chemistry too daunting, is soaring in popularity. According to the Royal Geographical Society, 13% more took the subject at A-level this year than last, up to 37,100 – the biggest jump of any of the major subjects.

‘Geographers learn about the physics of climate change, or the interaction of weather events and flood risk, or the way people’s behaviour is influenced by the space around them.’ Above, Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast, Australia. Photograph: Chris Hyde/Getty Images.