Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Year 11 'Shifting Shores' Homework Task
For Mr McGuinness' & Mr Gallagher's Classes

Answer the following questions below. You can access the URL for the document on the Blog post below this post.

The National Trust ‘Shifting Shores’ Document, Autumn 2015
Questions to Consider:
1)   What was the outcome of the 2005 ‘Shifting Shores’ report?
2)  How does the outcome of the ‘Shifting Shores’ report link to the idea of being sustainable at the coast?
3)  What is the actual risk to properties and businesses in England if the coast is not protected?
4)  Summarise the ‘Shifting Shores’ policies for protecting the coast.
5)  What has the ‘Coastal Change Management Areas’ act enforced to help vulnerable coastal communities?
6)  What are the threats of not protecting the Sefton Coast and what is being done to reduce these threats?

7)  What do you think should be done to protect our coastline at Formby?

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