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Easter homework 2015
You must play the STOP THE DISASTER game and try to save as many lives as possible from the hurricane.  Write 200 words on what you did well and the difficulties you encountered. (Click the link below)

Welcome back Year 8 2013!
You are currently studying Risky World. Enjoy!
website for first homework is www.ons.gov.uk

Year 8 Examination Week June 2013 begins on Monday.

You will be examined during your geography lessons next week. Please revise the following topics for homework;

India background, key terms and meanings
The Sandune system
Conflicts between groups of people using the dunes

Please see your teacher for more information

Crazy transport method or clever use of resources? 

What happened just before this photograph was taken ? What about just after ??

Year 8 Sustainable Sands Assessment

Mr and Mrs Woods have been invited by their daughter and her family to leave Formby and move to York to live with them. They cannot make up their minds so have asked you as a skilled Geographer to look at all the evidence and make the decision for them
Your task is to use your enquiry skills to decide whether you think they should stay or go. Show your answer in a letter to Mr and Mrs Woods explaining what you think they should do.
How to make the decision
You will have three main sources of information:
  1. The article from “Coastlines” magazine about erosion on the Sefton Coast.
  2. The card sort activity – sort cards into reasons for leaving, reasons for staying and neutral statements.
  3. Any information you can research from the Internet and use in your letter about Global Warming or sea level rise (remembering that cut and pasted work does not count!)

Structure of the letter
Your letter should include the following information:
·        A map to show Where Formby is located and what it is like.
·        A map to show where York is located and what it is like.
·        I have explained how York and Formby are different.
·        What Mr Woods thinks?
·        What Mrs Woods thinks?
·        The reasons why it would be a good idea to stay in Formby.
·        The reasons why it would be a good idea to move to York.
·        The disadvantages of staying in Formby.
·        The disadvantages of moving to York.
·        What Global warming is and why it is occurring.
·        How sea level rise is linked to Global Warming.
·        The reason why sea level rise is a threat to low lying places like Formby.
·        How people can cause damage to the sand dunes and how this may be a problem if sea levels rise.
·        A final decision about what they should do.

Look carefully at the Assessment Criteria to help you achieve your best level!

Assessment criteria
Level 3

·         I have started to describe where Formby and York are located.

·         I have suggested a reason why Formby and York are different.

·         I have used some Geography vocabulary like coast, sand dune and Global Warming .

·         I may have word processed my assessment

Level 4

·         I have also shown that I know some differences between York and Formby

·         I have described what Global warming is

·         I have understood that people sometimes erode the dunes

·         I have used a range of geography vocabulary such as erosion, carbon dioxide and Marram grass

·         I have made use of ICT by using the internet to find extra information

Level 5

·         I can also begin to describe why Formby is more likely to flood than York

·         I recognize that human activities are causing changes to the dunes and to the climate

·         I can begin to explain my own views about sea level change

Level 6

·         I have also explained clearly why Formby is more likely to flood than York

·         I have also described ways that sea level change and climate change are linked together

·         I have also described how people eroding the dunes may cause flooding in Formby

·         I have also reached a decision about what Mr and Mrs Wood should do

Level 7

·         I have also explained that what is happening to Sea levels  is part of a global issue

·         I have also explained that decisions are based on peoples values and attitudes

·         I have also written a piece of work that is detailed and I have reached a well argued decision about what Mr and  Mrs Wood should do

·          I have explained that Global warming and Sea level rise are linked to an unsustainable way of living

Level 8

·         I have clearly explained how global warming, sand dune erosion and the fate of people in Formby are all linked

·         I have explained how difficult it is to manage the dune environment sustainably when there are conflicts over its use

·         I  have assessed the merits of global warming and presented a reasoned argument justifying my own views on Global warming

·         I have supported my decision about what Mr and Mrs Woods should do through carefully  presenting both sides of the argument 

What do you think the impact of these contrasting clips is? Are we destroying our dunes? Do we spend less time outdoors?


Take a look at the 'risk' in your local area by entering your postcode...


Olympic stadium

 Is Britain experiencing a golden age of engineering?


Year 8 Homework

Are we at risk of flooding...?


Olympics Homework

Research some interesting facts about how the olympics tried to be sustainable.  Have they met their targets:
  1. Zero Carbon emissions
  2. Produce and use green energy
  3. Zero waste (Reduce, reuse and recycle)
  4. Sustainable transport to and from the games
Add your interesting facts to your class wallwisher (Remember include your full name so we know you completed your homework)

A look at how thousands are now celebrating their one hundredth birthday as we meet a centenarian marathon runner, and an abseiling great grandmother. (Follow link above)

 Watch the above clip on Ageing Populations. What impact will this have on you?


Watch When I Get Older series on BBC website...





Year 8 Summer Examinations


 begin Monday 21st May 2012

Read below for things you might need to know...

Year 8 Revision Guide

Coastlines are ever changing. The waves work in a number of ways;

Coastal Deposition is when the sea drops or deposits material. This can include sand, sediment and shingle.
Coastal erosion occurs along beaches and shorelines. Coastal erosion wears away land and takes land away forever from one area to deposit it someplace else.
Coastal transportation is when waves carry eroded material such as pebbles and sand from one part of the coastline to another.

Can you name all the dunes in the sand dune system?

Conflicts can happen when two or more groups of people diagree over how an are can be used.

Can you think of any conflicts that could occur at Formby Sands?

Year 8 Proposal for a New Development

Read for homework

Year 8 Sustainable Sands Assessment Preparation

Stay or Go?: Article adapted from Coastlines Magazine.

The Sefton coast is made of soft deposits of sand, silt, clay and peat. There are no outcrops of rock on the shoreline and the forces of nature shape it, so the shoreline is constantly changing in response to the changing influence of wind and water and as a result of human activity.

In the distant past both human and wild life moved with, and adapted to, changes in the position of the coast. Between the last Ice Age, and medieval times the sea occasionally broke through the coastal dune barrier and flooded low-lying inland areas. Recently the dunes have been partly stabilised by keeping their natural plant cover, trees have been planted for shelter and artificial sea defences have been built to protect places along the coast.

At Crosby and Southport the coast has been partly fixed in place by coastal defence work. But, the natural forces remain at work and sand drift at Crosby is burying parts of the sea wall. From Hightown to Birkdale the coastline is in a more natural condition, with generally wide sandy beaches still backed by an extensive system of sand dunes.

Although some dunes are growing, the sand dune system around Formby Point has experienced continued erosion throughout the 20th century. The erosion rate is greatest at the boundary between the Formby National Trust and the Ainsdale National Nature Reserve, with an average loss of approximately 3.5 metres per year over the past 20 years.

The Sefton coastline also has to be looked at in the light of the effect of possible climatic change, global warming, sea level rise and increase in storminess. Many predictions have been made as to the strength of these effects, with very different answers, however, it is projected that sea levels are most likely to rise by 28-43cm, and global warming is likely to influence the intensity of storms. (IPCC February 2007).

(Text taken from Coastal Defence Issues and Strategy - 1999 Update, 2000, Sefton Council.) Adapted K.Blanchard

Another Place... attractive artwork or a load of rubbish?
What are your views on Anthony Gormleys Another Place?
Do you think the Iron Men make the coastline more attractive or does it damage the natural environment?

Share your views... take a look at the clip below...

You are currently studing Sustainable Sands

How deep .........

Fabulous ocean interactive

Year 8 India Assessment

For your assessment you need to:
1. Include a picture of 'new' India.
2. Create a relief (height and shape of land)map.
3. Create a written report outlining the changes in India with focus on diversity (differences) and future of India.
4. Remember to access the higher level you need to add a good conclusion.


·         You have shown knowledge and understanding of a range of places in India and the  environments
·         You have begun to recognise and describe geographical patterns within India.
·         You have begun to recognise and describe the links between the physical and human processes within India.
·         You have used primary and secondary sources of evidence in your investigations

·         You have described and begun to explain geographical patterns and physical and human processes within India.
·         You have described why people in India live where they do
·         You have begun to explain why India is important and why the world depends on it.
·         You have suggested some explanations for the ways in which people cause changes to the environment and the different views people hold about them
·         You have used a range of geographical language and vocabulary
·         You have described and explained what India is like and why people live where they do, providing detailed reasons for this.
·         You have made links and relationships that makes the world depend on India and each other
·         You have described the different values and attitudes that may affect New India
·         You have suggested relevant geographical questions
·         You have used a range of skills and sources
·         You have presented your findings in a coherent way and reach conclusions that are consistent with the evidence.
·         You have described and explained interactions within India and the world.
·         You have shown understanding of the many important factors within India, including people's values and attitudes, influence the decisions made about India and its environments
·         You have recognised the effect humans have had on India
·         You have shown some evidence or examples of sustainable development within India
·         You have evaluated your work and  presented a well argued summary of your investigation
·         You have begun to reach substantiated conclusions.

Year 8 are currently studying India...

10 Interesting facts about India: 

  1. The famous board game, called Chess, was invented in India.
  2. In India's 100,000 years of history, it has never invaded any other country.
  3. India is the 7th largest country in the world, the largest democracy and one of the oldest civilizations.
  4. India was one of the richest countries in the world before the British invasion in 17th century.
  5. The value of "pi" used in mathematics was first calculated by the Indian mathematician Budhayana in 6th century.
  6. India is one of the largest exporter of computer software products. It exports software to over 90 countries.
  7. India is home to the world's largest pilgrimage destination called the Vishnu Temple. The temple is located in the city of Tirupati. About an average of 30,000 people visit this temple donating about $6 million US dollars, everyday.
  8. India originated Yoga about 5,000 years ago.
  9. India has the most number of mosques. It has 300,000 mosques which is much more than the Muslim world.
  10. Christians and Jews have been living in India since 52 A.D.


Planning Application for development of Formby Sands

Please accept our application for planning permission to build a holiday complex at Formby Sands. It is a beautiful area and we feel that a holiday complex here would allow more people to enjoy the area and appreciate what it has to offer. It would generate tourism and money for the local area. Residents would also benefit from the facilities such as the restaurant and spa. Sefton Council could use the money raised from the sale of the dunes to improve the ranger service and fund conservation projects. The site would include:

         30 luxury holiday lodges

         Large swimming pool and gym

         1 restaurant and bar

         Coastal and forest views in a peaceful location within the pinewoods.

         There would be no development on the dunes themselves.

         Organised walks in the area would be offered at the centre.

         Adventure playground and skate park in the grounds

         Small shop and spa

         Solar panels and recycling to reduce environmental impact on the area

         Contract would be given to a local building firm and locally sourced materials

         We would work with the National Trust to minimise environmental damage as it is a protected site

         Funds would be provided to fund conservation projects and educational tours of the area

         Advice will be taken from the Environment Agency

         All buildings will be designed to blend in with the natural environment

See Ordnance Survey map and satellite images for location



 Can you remember the names of the dunes?

Conflict in geography is where two or more groups of people such as locals and business owners disagree about how the land should be used.

Can you consider any conflict that could arise in an area such as Formby Sands?

Can you think of any conflicts that could occur at Formby sands?