Thursday, 13 August 2015

FHS Geographers Celebrate A Level Success!

Our AS and A2 students arrived for their results at the Sixth Form Centre bright and early.  It has been a record year for not only all of our Year 12 and Year 13 Sixth Form Students at Formby High, but also for our 34 conscientious geographers. 

Here are the headline results:

AS: 7 A grades; 2 B grades; 1 C grade and 1 D grade!

62.5% of the cohort achieved between A-B grades!

A2: 1 A* grade; 5 A grades; 5 B grades and and 3 C grades!

61.1% of the cohort achieved between A*-B grades!

The students have been fantastic throughout the last year and the last 2 years and deserve to celebrate their wonderful success!

Mrs Blanchard, Mr Gallagher, Miss Watson and Mr McGuinness are very proud of all of our Sixth Form students of the Class of 2014-2015.

6 of our Year 13 students go on to study degrees of a geographical discipline - we wish them all the best!


  1. We will miss you! But remember folks: (hashtag)alwaystakethegeographywithyou [WHERE is the hashtag on a Mac??!] Mr McG :-)

  2. (hashtag)you'llneverlookattheworldthesamewayagain :-)