Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sahara Sand Falls in Formby!

It's Raining Sahara Desert Sand at Formby High School!

Staff left school on Monday 31st March, finding not only that the afternoon light had extended the day with the change to British Summer Time, but also to a thin layer of sand on their cars.  The sand has been blown from the Sahara Desert in North Africa!

Even David Cameron did not escape the light dusting! 

Mr McGuinness reported a light dusting on his car, as well as Mrs Blanchard too.

The Daily Mail reported: 'Britons woke up this morning to find their homes and cars covered in dust from the Sahara Desert.  Unusual atmospheric conditions have blown up a sandstorm from Africa - and a thin layer of dust was seen today in areas of southern England including Cornwall and Greater London.  The Met Office has forecast a ten out of ten level of air pollution for London for tomorrow and Wednesday, with warnings that the dust will this week cause one of the worst smogs of the year'.

Moving: The dust, shown in pink within the red circle, is carried within clouds, shown in red, to the UK, where it falls within rain showers

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Check out this link here for a brief video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olox15yVrHQ

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